The First DAEPO WG Virtual Plenary Meeting

The first DAEPO WG Virtual Plenary Meeting was held on Sep. 22, 2020. This is also the first plenary meeting of the DAEPO WG since this working group founded in 2017. As the Covid-19 pandemic affects the whole world, a face to face meeting is not possible in the short term. This plenary meeting was held virtually online like all other meetings currently.

The meeting starts with a self-introduction session. Every member gave a 3-minute talk about them self and their work related to the DAEPO. In this session, WG members mentioned the difficulties caused by the pandemic, and how does the situation change the way everyone works.

In the following discussion session, participants actively discussed a number of related topics. Amanda Bauer from Vera C. Rubin Observatory mentioned in order to promote the use of astronomical data in school, we need to lower the requirements for computers and internet connection. Shanshan Li from NAOC described the similar situations in China. Vanessa McBride introduced related work on behalf of the IAU OAD and proposed that all members of DAEPO could work together with a common goal or a project. As the Chair of the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA), Chenzhou Cui agreed with this idea and mentioned the cooperation with IVOA. Kevin Govender from IAU OAD joined the meeting and participated in the discussion about the IAU General Assembly next year. ESAsky, Data2Dome, astronomical data for undergraduate education and training programs were discussed as well.